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Born in 2009, Best PayMonitor Consulting (BPMC) is a new business that employs a specialized software tool to develop tested and proven application as a unique knowledge-based alternative approach in HR payroll audit decision making for managers. Hence, it is suitable for use by Human Resources (HR), Auditors or Accountants seeking to detect and prevent fraud or errors in payroll data.

The business is intended to capture our expert knowledge in the payroll domain following a long service of about 25 years.

​We have invented and currently hold an intellectual property (IP) in a NEW complementary payroll expert system solution, namely, Payroll Variance Monitor Expert (PVME), a web based Payroll Audit Expert System, serving as a fraud watch, featuring: Use of Exsys expert system shell in payroll auditing.

For further development of the program, please refer to the book: "Payroll Fraud Detection and Prevention Audit Expert System", which is available from the BPMC website. Besides, we have NEWLY authored and published a Finance related book on Investment Management: "How Stock Investors Can Evaluate Portfolio Performance", also available from this website.

We offer all Office 365 related (Microsoft CSP) cloud solutions and services and also provide educational services and market hi tech computer hardware and software from world-class vendors such as Microsoft at affordable prices.

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